Asian 49er and 49erFX Championships 2019 – Day Three

Going into racing today may have seemed straightforward for the fleets, but the race course proved a very different for them to crack. With a very close point battle going into the day and very tight racing, the course turned quite tricky with big shifts and variations in wind strength. In Race 1 of the […]

Asian 49er & 49erFX Championships 2019 – Day Two

The conditions 2019 Asian 49er and 49erFX Championship were fantastic all day, 7 to 11 knots of north easterly breeze out at Abu Dhabi. However, there were significant gusts and lulls across the course, with a few wind shifts thrown in for good measure. Akira Sakai and Russel Aylsworth managed to negotiate the course well […]

Asian 49er & 49erFX Championship 2019 – Day One

Abu Dhabi delivered beautiful conditions on Day One of the first Asian 49er and 49erFX Championships. In other words, the sunny skies and 09-knot north westerly breeze on a manageable swell was a similar version of what the competitors might expect at Abu Dhabi for the next year’s Tokyo 2020 Continental qualifier scheduled here during […]