Jib Advertising Policy

Jib Advertising Policy

49er & 49erFX Jib Advertising Policy

At the 2014 International Class Association World Council Meeting approved a class rule change giving the class association the right market the jib advertising space.  The class is aware that any branding should added for the sailors benefit, and therefore clashes with existing sailor, team, event, or MNA sponsors must be remedied.  

The class has adopted the following policy to protect branding clashes.  The space is rarely utilized due to a perception that it will hinder starting.  A rational use of the space is for the class to put common stickers on all boats.

International 49er Class Jib Advertising Policy

The 49er class association will seek to market the space on the jib of the 49er and 49erFX to sponsors of the class, class events, and other events.  The class will issue the branding plan for the jibs 28 days prior to the first day of measurement of any event where branding is required.

The class to encourages and promotes both individual and national team sponsors, all International 49er Class Association sponsorship contracts will aim to have the restrictions listed below.  A sailor may request to be excused from event branding of conflicting sponsors subject to the following:

  1. The branding in question is part of the same category as the sailors personal,  team, or MNA sponsor
  2. The sailor will be placing the conflicting brand on their person, hull, or main sail, thus proving trueness of a conflicting sponsorship.  Note: Other forms of proof of conflicting sponsorship will be deemed acceptable upon review by class management
  3. The Sailors have notified the class management of the conflict 21 days prior to the first day of measurement of the event in question or have obtained a general waiver for the current year

In the case of all valid conflicts:

  1. in place of the sponsor branding, the same space on the jib will be branded to the Event or Class as deemed appropriate by the class management.  For example, a “49er.org” sticker
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