Class Executives

Class Executives

NameEmailDesignationCountryTerm Until
Matt McGovern
president (at) 49er.orgPresidentIRLAGM 2025
Emile AmorosVice President 49erFRAAGM 2024
Annette DuetzVice President 49erFXNEDAGM 2024
Helene NaessVice President 49erFXNORAGM 2025
Jim ColleyVice President 49erAUSAGM 2025
David Campbell Jamescampbelljames (at) btinternet.comCFOUKAGM 2025
Chris Turnerchris(at) RepresentativeUKNA
John Clintonjohn(at)mackayboats.comCopyright Representative 49erFXNZLNA
Harry Bethwaitehbethwaite (at) gmail.comCopyright Representative 49erAUSNA
Barry Johnsonbatric (at) MeasurerAUSAGM 2024
Ben Remockerben (at) porttackracing.comClass ManagerCAN
Technical Committee
Barry Johnsonbatric (at) MeasurerAUSAGM 2024
Harry Bethwaitehbethwaite (at) gmail.comCopywrite Holders RepAUSNA
Chris Turnerchris(at) RepresentativeGBRNA
John Clintonjohn(at)mackayboats.comBuilders RepresentativeNZLNA
Simon HiscocksGBR
Derek Clark
Adam May

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Emergency Rule Change

Effective Immediately, November 30, 2019. Updated December 2 to reflect um, not mm as dimension.

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