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Discover the History and Legacy of the 49er Class Association. At the heart of our association are the athletes who compete in 49er races around the world. These sailors are among the best in the world, and they represent the pinnacle of Olympic sailing. We are proud to support these athletes as they train, compete, and strive for excellence in their sport.

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We regularly update our events page with new and exciting opportunities to participate in sailing events. From local races to international regattas, we have a wide variety of events for you to choose from. We also provide detailed information about each event, including dates, locations, entry fees, and registration deadlines.

2024 Paris Olympics

Start Date : 2024-07-28
End Date : 2024-08-03

2024 FX Open Series and Hungarian Nationals

Start Date : 2024-09-26
End Date : 2024-09-29

2024 FX Open Series – Garda

Start Date : 2024-10-16
End Date : 2024-10-20

2025 European Championship

Start Date : 2025-06-03
End Date : 2025-06-08

2025 World Championship

Start Date : 2025-10-07
End Date : 2025-10-13
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