Four Dutch teams in the 49erFX FINAL in Lelystad, Holland

It looks like sailing in your own country is giving an extra boost. Four Dutch teams have reached the final in Lelystad. Dutch guys Bart Lambriex and Philiper Meijer have won the qualifications. They only twice didn’t reach the top 10. Daniel Bramervaer and Floris van der Werken had a rough start this week. They had two bad […]

Dutchies are leading at the Junior Worlds in Lelystad

On the second qualifying day in Lelystad, there was more wind. We all know that more wind is equal to more sailing. Both classes have sailed four races today. 49erFX In the morning, the 49erFX class started out on the water. The Dutch guys Bart Lambriex en Philip Meijer were the most constant team of the day. […]

A great first day in Lelystad, Holland

It’s been a great day of sailing in the Bataviahaven of Lelystad, Holland for the first day of the 2016 Junior World Championship in 49er and 49erFX. Although there was not always enough wind, the weather was lovely with lot’s of sun and 25 degrees. In the morning the 49er’s left the shore for the […]

Opening Ceremony 2016 Junior World Championships 49er/49erFX

Tonight, the 2016 Junior World Championships 49er/49erFX has been officially opened by John van den Heuvel (Alderman of Lelystad) and of one our competitors. First, Leo Becker (chairman Dutch 9er class) talked about the event, her volunteers and partners: Magic Marine, Apollo Hotels and Resorts, Lelystad, Province Flevoland and the location, Bataviahaven Lelystad. Tomorrow, on […]