A great first day in Lelystad, Holland

It’s been a great day of sailing in the Bataviahaven of Lelystad, Holland for the first day of the 2016 Junior World Championship in 49er and 49erFX. Although there was not always enough wind, the weather was lovely with lot’s of sun and 25 degrees.

In the morning the 49er’s left the shore for the first races of the 2016 Junior World Championships 49er/49erFX. The Irish sailors Mark Hasset and Tadgh Donnelly won the first and the third race, but that just wasn’t enough for the first place. They lost focus in the second race and became 18th. Overall they scored 20 points. Peter Lin Jazenic and Anze Podlogar scored 6 points overall in three races. They became 2nd, 1st and 3rd.

Lin and Podlogar are the 2015 Youth World Champions in the 29er, and quickly converted over to the 49er for the 2016 season.  This is their first 49er Junior World Champoinship, and they are the first team to ever sail 49er competitively from Slovenia.  With a winning pedigree behind them the’ll have lots of confidence going forward.

  1. SLO – Peter Lin Janezic, Anze Podlogar – 6 points
  2. GER – Jakob Meggendorfer, Andreas Spranger – 17 points
  3. IRL – Mark Hasset, Tadgh Donnelly – 20 points

The 49erFX class sailed in the afternoon. Because of a light breeze the races were delayed. For this reason, the 49erFX class only sailed two races today.

In the FX class, the differences were tighter than in the 49er class. Tomas and Mads Mathisen we’re the only team that sailed two top-5 races. A 5th and 4th spot gave them 9 points in two races. Ann Kristin Wedemeyer and Pia Sophie Wedemeyer are the second best of today with a total of 14 points (2 + 12).

The 49erFX fleet has grown at the Junior World Championship year on year, with 14 boats in 2013, 21 boats in 2014, 28 boats last year in 2015, and now 34 boats in 2016.  The fleet is boltered in numbers by 11 all male teams and 6 mixed teams, who, like in the 29er class are into enjoying the racing and improving their skills with partners that suit them best.  Some will be moving into 49er racing and are spending a season or two in the 49erFX before their weight and skills increase.  Others will no doubt continue in the 49erFX just to enjoy going fast.

  1. NOR – Tomas Mathisen, Mads Mathisen – 9 points
  2. GER – Ann Kristin Wedemeyer, Pia Sophie Wedemeyer – 14 points
  3. NED – Cecile Janmaat, Maxime Jonker, 17 points

Sailing starts at 10:30 hours on day 2. The race committee will try to let both classes sail four races, if the wind allows.  The regatta is 4 days long concluding on Saturday, September 3rd.