Four Dutch teams in the 49erFX FINAL in Lelystad, Holland

It looks like sailing in your own country is giving an extra boost. Four Dutch teams have reached the final in Lelystad. Dutch guys Bart Lambriex and Philiper Meijer have won the qualifications. They only twice didn’t reach the top 10. Daniel Bramervaer and Floris van der Werken had a rough start this week. They had two bad races, but the rest of the week they sailed steady. They became second overall. The top 3 is completed by a German team. The Wedemeyer’s are had a few great races and a few unlucky races. They are 3rd overall.

  1. NED – Bart Lambriex, Philip Meijer – 49 points
  2. NED – Daniel Bramervaer, Floris van der Werken – 60 points
  3. GER – Ann Kristin Wedemeyer, Pia Sophie Wedemeyer – 71 points
  4. NED – Cecile Janmaat, Maxime Jonker – 82.1 points
  5. NED – Robin Becker, Scipio Houtman – 86 points
  6. ITA – Maria Ottavia Raggio, Paola Bergamaschi – 89 points
  7. SWE – Klara Wester, Rebecca Netzler – 90 points

The teams won’t bring their points to the finals. The start points in the final are the same as their ranking, so Lambriex and Meijer will start with 1 point in the final. Wester and Netzler will start with 7 points.

Tomorrow, the final races will be sailed. The weather looks promising for close racing. The races will be sailed in front of the harbour tomorrow (stadium sailing).

Time schedule Saturday September 3 (approximately)
11:00 hours Semi finals
15:00 hours 49erFX final
16:00 hours 49er final
17:45 hours prize giving ceremony