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July 7-12 / Porto, Portugal

2015 European Championship

Final Day Live Broadcast Event Results & Details

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49er Europeans - Gold Fleet
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Link to SAP Analytics – for Gold fleet only.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Fleet Fleet

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49er Results

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SAP Analytics from Thursday onwards.

Gold and Silver 49erFX Races

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Day 6 Live Replay

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Magic Marine Daily Show - Day 3

Trials or Selection - How to Qualify for the Games?

#CrewsRights - Magic Marine Daily Show - Day 2

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Highlights Day 1

Sailor Interview Playlist

Fleet Splits Day 5 (Gold Silver Bronze)

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49erFX Fleet Assignments

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Notice of Race

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Protest 1

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Protest 2

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Protest 3

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Protest 4

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Protest 5

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Protest 6

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Protest 7

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The 49er class is built on the foundation of the Sydney Harbor 18 foot skiff class and has been an Olympic event since 2000. The 49erFX will be making it’s first appearance at the Olympics in Rio 2016. These boats are thrilling to watch and are sailed by the worlds best. Get ready for a week of exciting sailing action!

14962993-extreme-sailing-series-in-douro-river-near-the-city-of-portoOn Saturday July 4th there will be a fun race up the River Duro to show of the boats to the city.  The race will start at 3:30 and head up and down the river to the centre of town.


From July 6-11 the 49erFX (women’s) will race finishing with a medal race inside the river at 15:30 on July 11th. 


From July 7-12 the 49er (men’s) will race finishing with a medal race inside the river at 15:30 on July 12th. 

Spectator Boat

From July 9-12 there will be tickets available for a spectator boat available for either the morning or afternoon sessions.

Live TV

From July 10-12, 49er.org will have live coverage of the racing including both medal races. All the youtube videos will be online here at 49er.org

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