Third Day’s A Charm

Clearwater, FL. Day three of the 2016 World Championships in Clearwater, FL kicked off with a sunny, 4-8 knot variance giving everyone a sigh of relief and readiness. A beautifully clear Floridian day means: the Worlds has really begun! 49er The fleet rigged up and got after it early launching to make a 10am start. […]

The Final Count

Buenos Aires, Argentina. The final day of the 2015 49er and 49er FX World Championship. The beautiful venue of Club Nautico in San Isidro hosted the 6 day event without a hitch resulting in 16 fairly sailed races, one newly crowned FX champion, and one long time favorite 49er boat coming in for the win. 49er  The […]

Day 6 – And the Olympic Berths go to…

Day 6  of the 2015 World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 49er In the 49er fleet, fellow leaders Peter Burling and Blair Tuke also struggled somewhat posting a 13th, 8th, and 8th, but with the Alonso brothers falling back they secured their 3rd straight 49er World Championship and 23rd straight 49er victory!  Climbing up the […]

Day 5 – Alonsos win the Day, but Burling and Tuke On Top

The 2015 49er & 49er FX World Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina is now one day away from crowning World Champions, along with announcing three more countries who will be heading to the Rio 2016 games. The Gold fleet was sent out to a beautiful morning on the water with a light Southerly wind, but […]

Day 4 – Wet and Wild

Day 4 of the 2015 World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina has been completed as the surrounding area has been inundated with thunderstorms and high winds since around midday. Silver fleet was sent out to a morning of cloudy skies and winds around 10 knots and building, shifting more and more East, then South East. […]

Top Country Contenders

The 2015 49er and 49er FX World Championships are very much underway and starting to reveal some coveted information regarding Olympic berths. For some countries vying for Olympic spots, the conditions just didn’t seem favorable and many were left just at the cusp of contention into the much sought after Gold fleet. Clean starts, varying […]

Day 2 – Conditions Variable

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Day two of the 2015 49er and 49er FX World Championship. Day one proved challenging for most teams out on the waters off San Isidro. Many sailors noted the brown tint to the water makes it extremely difficult to read wind patterns. Even though most sailors were able to train and compete […]

2015 Worlds Day 1: And So It Begins…

Buenos Aires, Argentina. The sun has risen and the men and women of the 49er and 49er FX fleets have begun the first day of the 2015 World Championship. The weather for day one presented an ENE early with a bit of hazy sunlight, and reasonably warm temperature of 26 degrees. Just hot enough to get the […]

2015 World Championship Regatta Preview

Regatta Preview: 2015 World Championship  For some teams, the 2015 World Championship will be the biggest regatta of their careers to date. The championship is set to be sailed in the waters outside of Club Nautico in San Isidro, a province just north of Buenos Aires proper, setting the stage for this momentous occasion. Being […]

Man Meat of the 49er Class: You’ll Want to Eat them Right Up!

Buenos Aires, Argentina. A sexy scene of tango clubs, tasty parillos (some of the best steak houses you’ve ever stepped foot near), and of course the suave spanish speaking natives that will have you falling into their rolling “r’s” in no time. Some other pieces of meat that might get overlooked currently in Buenos Aires […]