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Delve into comprehensive coverage of 49er sailing competitions worldwide.



We regularly update our events page with the updated calendar regarding the 49er sailing regattas, and the new FX Open Series. 

TitleStart DateEnd Date
2018-01-212018-01-282018 Sailing World Cup Miami
2018-01-132018-01-152018 Mid Winter Regatta
2017-12-272017-12-312017 Oceania Championship
2017-12-112017-12-142017 Sail Sydney
2017-11-292017-12-032017 Sail Melbourne
2017-10-162017-10-222017 Sailing World Series Gamagori Japan
2017-08-282017-09-022017 World Championship
2017-08-112017-08-152017 Junior European Championship
2017-07-302017-08-042017 European Championship
2017-06-292017-07-022017 Junior World Championships
2017-06-212017-06-252017 Kieler Woche
2017-06-232017-06-252017 North American Championship
2017-06-082017-06-112017 Sailing World Cup Final
2017-05-232017-05-272017 Delta Lloyd Regatta
2017-04-252017-04-302017 Sailing World Cup Hyeres
2017-03-242017-04-012017 Princess Sofia Trophy
2017-01-232017-01-292017 Miami Sailing World Cup
2017-01-142017-01-162017 Mid Winters
2016-08-312016-09-032016 Junior World Championship
2016-08-262016-08-282016 North American Championship
2016-08-122016-08-202016 Olympics
2016-07-212016-07-242016 Polish Grand Prix
2016-07-152016-07-172016 Tallinn Race
2016-07-112016-07-142016 South American Championship
2016-06-222016-06-262016 Kieler Woche
2016-06-072016-06-132016 Weymouth World Cup
2016-05-132016-05-152016 Intergalactics in Rio
2016-04-252016-05-012016 Hyeres World Cup
2016-04-112016-04-162016 European Championship
2016-12-042016-04-112016 Sailing World Cup Final
2016-03-262016-04-022016 Princess Sofia Trophy
2016-02-092016-02-142016 World Championship
2016-01-252016-01-302016 Miami World Cup
2016-01-162016-01-182016 Mid Winter Regatta
2015-12-072015-12-132015 Melbourne World Cup
2015-11-162015-11-212015 World Championship
2015-11-052015-11-082015 South American Championship
2015-10-272015-11-012015 World Cup Final
2015-09-142015-09-202015 Qingdao World Cup
2015-08-282015-08-302015 Polish Grand Prix
2015-08-242015-08-272015 Junior World Championship
2015-08-122015-08-222015 Test Event
2015-07-132015-07-202015 Pan Am Games
2015-07-062015-07-122015 European Championship in Porto
2015-06-202015-06-242015 Kieler Woche
2015-06-102015-06-142015 Weymouth World Cup
2015-05-262015-05-302015 Delta Lloyd Regatta
2015-05-062015-05-102015 Garda Trentino Week
2015-04-192015-04-262015 Hyeres World Cup
2015-03-282015-04-042015 Princess Sofia Trophy
Start DateTitle
2024-07-052024 FX Open Series Gdansk
2024-07-172024 Junior World Championship
2024-07-282024 Paris Olympics
2024-09-262024 FX Open Series and Hungarian Nationals
2024-10-162024 FX Open Series – Garda
2025-06-032025 European Championship
2025-10-072025 World Championship
2026-09-192026 Asian Games
2028-07-212028 Los Angeles Olympics
2032-07-232032 Brisbane Olympic Games
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