The Wings

Wings have a very long history, with the first set being tried in Perth by Richard Court on an Eighteen called Parry’s.

There have been experiences with "racks", alloy frames that required a gymnast to use them, and then there was the blow out to 33ft spans, as well as all the history with the B14, the B18. .

At some point in time someone was smart enough to fill them in, initially with Chick-a-pee and latterly with netting. This was such a monumental break through that it is now common place in the skiffs.

With the approximately 30 different combinations of wings were tried.

The initial wings were simple tubes within tubes, but after the experience of the B14 with fatigue and sand binding after a couple of years use it was decided to go to a commercial nylon bearing self cleaning track. Once that decision became obvious the wing ceased to be a tack-on and has become incorporated into the boat.

The deck or cockpit of the is not just the space between the gunwales but extends to the edges of the wings, and it is possible to move freely from one wing tip (regardless of wing position) to the other without fear of falling down a hole, and in short it has become very user friendly.

The wings can also go through the water with out much fuss and should you "burp at the oyster party" and capsize then they are great to stand on and allow slow and controlled "Russian Rolls" to get the boat back up easily.

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