49erFX Medal Race Marks Historic Moment for Skiff Sailing

Sailing leapt into the entertainment age at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 with the introduction of the 49er skiff.  Modelled on the 18 foot skiffs of Sydney Harbor, the 49er was an open skiff at that time and could be sailed by both men and women.  It ultimately became male dominated due to the overpowered […]

Grael veleja pelo ouro em frente à Praia do Flamengo

A dupla Brasileira Martine Grael e Kahena Kunze lideram a flotilha de campeãs antes da última regata das Olimpíadas Rio2016. Após 12 regatas há quatro duplas ex-campeãs mundial empatadas nessa disputa pelo ouro na classe 49erFX. Não havia como escolher uma favorita antes do início das regatas e estavam certos! Das oito duplas que tinham […]

French Men and Spanish Women Stamp the Day – Burling Tuke Extend

49er Frenchmen Julien D’Ortoli and Noe Delpech scored a 3, 1, 1, to win the day and in the process moved all the way up to fourth place overall. Showing their best form since mid-2013, the were able to bring one of their best performances to the biggest stage and will now be in position […]

49er Class Pushes for Theatre Style Conclusion in Rio

Finals Day Format for 49er Racing Olympic and World champions overwhelmingly support 3-race proposal Objective To run three, single-point, 10 minute races in Theatre Style on Finals Day.  This competition format adds value because it: Displays to fans and broadcast media the intensity, skill and beauty of 49er sailing. Showcases the sport’s best sailors in live […]