Start of the 2024 Junior Euros!

The 2024 European Junior Championships for the 49er and 49erFX classes are taking place on the spectacular Lake Lipno in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Lake Lipno, famous for its natural beauty and ideal sailing conditions, promises a perfect combination of nature and sport thanks to a steady wind and a range of activities for competitors and spectators alike.


The championship will unfold over several days from 6 June to 9 June, but it started with the arrival of crews already during the previous weekend. Gradually, more and more crews were on site and practice races were held on Wednesday, giving the participants plenty of time to acclimatise and prepare for the competition. The races will be split into two courses, Alpha and Bravo, with the 49er and 49erFX classes alternating between these courses on a daily basis. The race will culminate with an awards ceremony on June 9, immediately following the final races.

The race has attracted a significant number of entries, reflecting its international appeal and competitive prestige. 23 boats from 15 different countries are entered in the 49er class. The 49erFX class has 17 boats from 9 different countries. This international representation underlines the importance of the European Junior Championships here in the Czech Republic.


The venue is well equipped with many facilities to support competitors and visitors. Facilities include bins for sorted waste, toilets, showers, a large hall with a buffet and a dock for coach boats, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Detailed competitor information reveals a diverse and competitive field. In the 49er class, teams from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Virgin Islands, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Switzerland and Sweden are participating. Germany leads with five teams, while Italy follows with four. Teams from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland and Switzerland are participating in the 49erFX class. Germany again shows strong representation with four teams and Italy has three teams competing.


Lake Lipno, located in the heart of the South Bohemian region, offers a unique environment for sailing. The lake is renowned for its steady wind and stunning scenery, making it a popular destination not only for sailing but also for various outdoor activities. It is an ideal place for racers and their families to enjoy their stay and discover the beauty of the region.

We warmly welcome all sailing enthusiasts who are taking part in the Junior European Championships 2024. With excellent sailing conditions, top-class facilities and the breathtaking beauty of the South Bohemia, this event is not to be missed. We hope that our enthusiasm will convince you to not only enjoy racing at the Junior European Championships, but maybe even spend your holiday here sometime in the future.

Text credits: YCCERNA

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