The Six Best Winter Training Videos of 2013-14

Heil Ploessel Screenshot

Olympic campaigning isn’t just about the gym and the water.  There is also the creative component, and these talented sailors show some great creativity in these training videos.  Check out these spectacular videos from this off season!

GBR 96 Dylan Fletcher & Alain Sign Super Breezy Training Session

GER 12 Erik Heil & Thomas PloesselThree Weeks in New Zealand!


SWE 131 – Marcus Anjemark – Dolfin encounter in 25 knots… don’t blink!

IRL 997 – Andrea Brewster & Saskia Tidey – A Week in Sardinia!

FIN 17 – Sinem Kurtbay & Silja Kanerva – Welcome to Miami!

ITA 187 – Visconti / Baccheschi – hi-Fun – No Better Place Than Home!

These guys know how to have fun and look good doing it.  Vids in the best spots in Italy!  Check it out!

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