Personal Sail Numbers & Flags

49er Class Personal Sail Number Issuance Procedure

49er Class personal sail numbers will be issued each calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31) based on first-come/first-served basis. Once a number has been issued, it will remain with the sailor as long as he continues to renew the number annually through the Class office. Sailors who do not want a personal number will use their hull number as outlined in the Class Rules, section A 11.1

  • Numbers must be in 3-digit sequence and must be from 020 to 500
  • Numbers will not be given out for 1-10 as these are reserved for the top 10 finishers of the World Championship for the prior year until the next Worlds are held.
  • Numbers 20-99 will be given out to sailors who have made it to a gold fleet in the World Championships
  • A table will be maintained on the 49er website with the current status of personal numbers (see example below).
Name Issued
Country Year
Marcus Spillane 999 IRL 2010
Simon Hiscocks 151 GBR 2010

Cost: free


“¢ To request a personalized number, contact the 49er Class office at: 

“¢ Sailors must be current members of the 49er Class with membership details current (ie: mailing address, e-mail contact, mobile phone)

Country Code – Flags

Per Class Rules (see below), all boats must carry their country flag on the mainsail.   Flags must be ordered through e-store (just 1 flag per boat is necessary).  Additionally, sailors must apply a white backing strip for the sail numbers to be placed on.  These backing stips can also be purchased from the e-store, and all sailors are encouraged to use the ones specified by the class.  The backing stips use a special grade of material that blocks the sun from the back side making the numbers easier to read. Sailors must provide their own national letters & PSN/hull number or these are available at the e-store as well.  Please use News Gothic Bold Font (black, 11″ or 300mm) For more information see: RRSG1.2.

 See Class rule below:

The national letters and the sail numbers shall be black in colour and
applied back to back on a white background to the sail immediately below
batten 4 (3 for 49erFX) from the head point. The white background shall extend a
minimum of 30mm beyond the characters. The national letters and
numbers shall be placed on the same plane and shall comply with the RRS
Appendix G except where specified otherwise.

(i) Effective 1 July 2010 all teams when racing in the International 49er
Class World Championship, Continental Championship and ISAF
Sailing World Cup events shall display the national flag of the
helmsperson. The flag shall be placed on the port side of the mainsail
between the 3rd and 4th battens (2nd and 3rd for 49erFX) from the head point of the sail.
(ii) Flags shall only be ordered and purchased through the ICA e-store.

PSN and Flag placement graphic

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