Odyssey Time Inc. has agreed to sponsor the 2010 49er Canadian Championship and the concurrent 2010 29erXX North American Championship. This partnership with the local North American fleet builds on a running three year relationship between Seiko and the International 49er and 29erXX Classes. Since 2007, Seiko has been the official watch partner of the International 49er Class. In 2008 Seiko joined forces with the new and growing 29erXX class for women.

The 2010 Seiko 49er.ca Championship & Seiko 29erXX North Americans will be held from August 21 – 25 during Kingston, Ontario’s annual Canadian Olympic Training Regatta (CORK). This event will be preceded by the North American Championships for the similar 29er class. This will be Seiko’s 2nd year running in Kingston, after having sponsored the 2009 49er North Americans.

The renewal of this partnership builds symmetry between Seiko’s efforts in Europe and in North America. “This event will help align two strong, bold entities,” said Trevor Parekh, President of the Canadian 49er Class Association. “We are pleased to continue our relationship with Seiko locally to help build both brands in North America in 2010,” said Parekh.

Jen Morgan Glass, 29erXX International Class President, added that, “Seiko has been a huge supporter of the 29erXX since the beginning and our class has seen much success as a result. Seiko and the “9er” brand share similar qualities: the need for precision and performance. This makes us a great match.”

The International 49er Class is the Men’s High Performance Dinghy for the 2012 Olympics in London. It has been an Olympic class since its selection in 1997. The class has nearly 1200 boats sailing on 6 continents. This year the class adopted a modern, full carbon mast to increase its performance. It is by far the most spectacular of all Olympic class sailboats and provides some of the most exciting racing. There are over 100 49er boats across North America.

The 29erXX is the Elite version of the 29er, with a high-powered rig for the existing 29er hull.  The 29erXX features a square-head main, larger jib, masthead kite and twin-trapeze which add power and excitement to the standard 29er hull.  All of these upgrades fit nicely on to the existing 29er platform, so upgrading is simplicity itself. The 29erXX narrowly missed Olympic selection for 2012. Regardless, the class continues to grow worldwide as sailors enjoy the technical, tactical, physical and fast nature of the boat. For more information please visit: www.29erXX.com .

Odyssey Time Inc. is a Canadian company that distributes brands of watches and clock for the Canadian Market. Currently we are the authorized distributor for the following brands: Seiko watches and clocks, Pulsar watches, Lorus watches, and Rotary watches. The company was established in January 1998. Our office and our service center are located in Toronto, Ontario. With our current sales force we are able to sell our products lines right across Canada.

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