May 49er Sailing as told by Instagram

1. Group training in Manly, Australia by @brady_I_sailcoach

2. Ghost sailing by @katyamatrioshka via @matrioshkasailing

3. Time to fix the hair on Lake Garda, Italy by @lorenaabicht

4. Drone shot in Groomsport, UK by @sixnineonemedia

5. The light wind perch in Melbourne, Australia by @mattrobertsclifton

 6. Hitting that wave crest in London, UK by @sastidey

7. Lining up by @dylfletcherscott

8. Skipper or Spiderman in Split, Croatia by @bildsteinhusslsailingteam

8. Single-handing in Medemblik, Netherlands by @louis_chambet

9. Launch time by @martinaorsini.photographer

10. Water like glass in Sevastopol, Ukraine by @zholobova.official

11. Befriending the selfie stick on Lake Garda, Italy by @sara_tkadlecova

12. Looking back to see who’s following in Groomsport, UK by @sixnineonemedia

13. When your skipper forgets to eat breakfast by @tanja_chiara_frank

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