Magic Marine Named as Official Clothing Partner of Olympic Skiff Classes

49er and 49erFX Classes Strike Partnership with Magic Marine


The International 49er and 49er FX Classes are delighted to announce a long term partnership with Magic Marine, which sees the renowned sailing apparel manufacturer become Official Clothing Partner to the Olympic skiff classes.


The collaboration showcases a synergy of world class excellence. The 49er and 49erFX being two of the most exciting and dynamic of the Olympic Sailing Classes, whilst Magic Marine has an outstanding record of innovation, designing high performance technical sailing clothing for the market.


The partnership will be officially launched at the 49er and 49erFX European Championships, the first major event of the 2012-2016 Olympic Quadrennial, which get underway in Aarhus, Denmark from 2nd to 7th of July 2013. The next event on the programme will be the 49er and 49erFX Worlds in Marseille, France from 21st to 29th of September 2013.


Confirming the partnership, Carrie Howe, Magic Marine’s Marketing Director said, “It feels like a great recognition of the strength and value of the technical sailing clothing Magic Marine has developed. The 49er and 49er FX Classes are a perfect fit and an appealing global sailing brand that will be great to work with. The start of an Olympic quadrennial is a great time to increase our commitment to Olympic Sailing and to add our support to the exciting world of skiff sailing. We are looking forward to racing with the 49er and 49erFX Classes and playing our part in backing Olympic sailing over the coming years.”


The sponsorship partnership will see the Magic Marine brand appear at all Championship venues, on the Championship websites, social media, media communications and across video distribution channels. Magic Marine will provide the 49er and 49erFX Class and sailors with a range of apparel and equipment and will also sponsor three of the top teams in each class. Magic Marine will also be offering on-site Championship merchandising.


“The International 49er and 49erFX Classes share a brand philosophy with Magic Marine,” commented Ben Remocker, Managing Director of the 49er and 49erFX Classes. “We share a passion for sailing and both partners aim to offer technical excellence and an innovative approach to the sport, whether at the forefront of showcasing Olympic Sailing or equipping Olympic athletes with the technical clothing they need to deliver their best performances around the race track. The 49er and 49erFX Classes are proud to partner with Magic Marine.”


A catalyst in the partnership was Icarus Sailing Media, who brought the two partners together and will be responsible for the video production and media distribution for the 49er and 49erFX European and World Championships in 2013.


For more information contact:


Carrie Howe, Marketing Manager of MBRANDS INTERNATIONAL, Tel: +31(0)714034411

Ben Remocker, Managing Director of the 49er and 49erFX Classes, Tel: +16043403749

Panos Marinopoulos, Marketing Manager of Icarus Sailing Media, Tel: +306936634642 

About the 49er and 49erFX Classes

First selected as the then new skiff event for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, the 49er is now a mainstay of the ten events on the Olympic Sailing Program, offering exciting and dynamic sailing for men. The 49erFX Class for women will make its debut appearance at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Both classes have also been confirmed for inclusion at the 2020 Olympic Games.


About Magic Marine

Magic Marine is a technical clothing brand with a reputation for quality and design focused on the core of the sailing sport.


Since the brands beginning in 1989, Magic Marine is committed to develop and deliver products worldwide that ensure top performance, comfort, style and fun for all of the new and old boats on the water.  Magic Marine’s initial focus point covered protecting and supporting the needs of the catamaran sailors on the beaches of the Netherlands.


Today, Magic Marine apparel is used, developed and supported by an extended network of sailors around the globe working together with our team at the brand’s headquarters. New materials, innovation, and testing are key concepts in the development of the range and the feedback of sailors worldwide is our #1 concern when developing our products.

Magic Marine has continued to invest in development to ensure that top level products are created for all conditions and types of sailing around the world.


Check out the extensive range of products at


About Icarus Sailing Media

Icarus Sailing Media is a sports management, marketing and media company, focusing on top international sailing events. The company’s expertise lies in managing the sports market value chain end-to-end, particularly for events of Olympic Classes.

Icarus Sailing Media has developed its own specialized technology and manages the media production, post-production and distribution in-house. In this way, the company can satisfy the sailing fans, the general audience, the media and the sponsors by tailoring its products and services.