Light air finesse was the key today with 3 races held in the 49er World Championship.  5-8 knots of wind was all that could muster to keep the first day of the finals for the Gold fleet alive.  Iker Martinez and Xabier Fernandex of Spain continued their run to the top by sailing a 1-2-10 in the 3 race day with a 19 point lead over John Pink and Rick Peacock who managed with mid-fleet finishes.  The British team also holds 3rd and 4th place with Brotherton & Asquith had a good day which moved them past the Sibello brothers of Italy who fell to 6th overall.  Manu Dyen and Stephane Christidis of France hold 5th.

Racingbegan an hour earlier than scheduled in anticipation of the wind shuttingoff.  After the gold fleetfinished, the silver fleet was sent out but no races were held and the silverwill be the first start in the morning. The race committee went swimming. 

Sailing a consistent regatta, Spaniards Iker Martinez and Xabier Fernandez have taken the lead in the 2010 49er Worlds with top 3 finishes in the last 6 races.  Two places behind the Spanish are the Sibello brothers.  Morrision/Rhodes had a black flag today.  Pink/Peacock are in 4th with current champs Outteridge/Jensen rounding out the top 5.  Consistent winds of 15-18 over the course for the day with 10-12 at the weather mark made for good racing. Full results at:  Check for videos & photos posted on Channel 49er.

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