Le Mistral finally hits Marseille… just kidding!

Another day of painfully light winds meant we didn’t get much racing in today! The girls from Blue fleet went out to catch up on the race they lost yesterday, after a couple of attempts, the race got underway and we were back level. The plan was then to get another 2 qualifying races in to complete the series before splitting for the Semi-finals tomorrow.

It took a while to get the girls races away today, so the boys launched late in the afternoon, in a dropping breeze. Today, we tracked the Yellow fleets (half of the top 40 in the boys fleet), who got away after one recall. Unfortunately conditions deteriorated, with the wind shifting and dropping meaning the tracked boys didn’t get any points on the board today.

The Magic Marine Starting Competition

Unfortunately, as the boys didn’t finish any racing, we can only award the green jersey to the girls today. It’s fair to say one team nailed their starting today, that’s the French team of Steyaert & Bossard in FRA-871, winning both races and giving them the Yellow jersey going into tomorrow’s semi-finals. As the girls in FRA-871 will be in the Yellow tomorrow, the green jersey is then given to the second place boat, this is not an easy task as we have 5 people tied on 5 points, however the jersey was awarded to Nielsen & Olsen in DEN-11 on count-back.

green jersea 1

The Seiko Queen of Downwind Competition

Due to a good choice of windward marks and great boat speed, the Australian pairing of Price & Elks take the Purple jersey going into tomorrow’s semi. Just 3 seconds behind were the British pairing of Peters & Groves (previous Purple jersey winners) showing consistent speed downwind in the light!


Tomorrow it gets confusing, with the boys splitting again into Gold Fleet, Repêchage (the bottom half of gold fleet), silver and bronze fleets. The girls have finished their qualifying series and go into the Semi Final, Petit Final and the final results for Bronze fleet….. Told you it’s confusing!!

Let’s hope the rain holds off and the wind comes in! PLEASE!


day 3