June 49er Sailing as told by Instagram

1. Confusing shot in Santander, Spain by @silvicorio

2.  Scenic racing in Santander, Spain by @sailingenergy

3. Danes overboard by @vierkapsejlere

4. Breeze on in Toronto, Canada by @heinzy27

5. Hull gone MIA in Kiel, Germany by Lars Wehrmann via @fabigraf

6. Just hanging there in Melbourne, Australia by @mattrobertsclifton

7. Winning the hair game, by @vierkapsejlere

8. That sky in Lakhta, Russia by @zholobova.official

9. Free fallin’ now he’s free fallin’ in Kiel, Germany by @thomasploessel

10. Single-handing in Shanghai, China by @hbethwaite