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Peter Kruger Andersen and I, supported by Ben Remocker and Jerelyn Biehl as well as ex-President Malav Shroff, have just returned after the ISAF annual meeting in Dublin, Ireland.  I would like to bring to your attention two matters which directly impact you.

Our tower trapezing experiment is over.  ISAF have banned it on a number of grounds and honestly it is not surprising.  The full report is up on the website at  We will probably be amending the class rules shortly to reflect that it is no longer allowed.

The best news however is that both the 49er and 49erFX have BOTH been selected as core equipment for the next 2 Olympic Cycles.  This is a tremendous boost for the Class and gives us a good 8 year platform provide some continuity.  Of course as many of you will be aware ISAF is forever a changing organization.  With their u-turn again regarding the kiteboarding and RSX nothing can ever be taken for granted.  I do believe however that we are viewed upon very favourably by most ISAF council members.

Have a great winter/summer and look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Marcus Spillane


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