Injury Report – Germany’s Meyer/Stoffers forced to Withdraw from Injury

The 49erFX class has seen it’s numbers decrease by one today.  One of the German squad, Leionie Meyers and Elana Stoffer, have had to retire from the event.  The two are clearly heartbroken to have to retire before even getting a chance to sail.

Elana appears to have strained a ligament in her knee this morning while ashore preparing for the regatta.  The two have been training hard all winter and are rumored to be one of the quickest teams in the breeze.  They will have to take a break for a short while and come back to show their stuff as soon as Elena can rehab.  Leonie is hoping to be a substitute sailor this week should there be any more injuries in the fleet.

The two both cheer up with discussing their cross training in kitesurfing.  Both were seen yesterday surfing in the swell that forced most sailors to stay ashore.

Audi Sailing Team Germany has the largest contingent of 49erFX sailors along with the Aussies, so the team will still be well represented here in Palma.  The squad, who train under the tutulage of Max Groy, a former European Champion of the class.  The group dominated the medal table at the 2012 29erXX events and have been training solidly through the winter.