Germany and France having multiple teams in the 49er FINAL

The 49er teams have sailed ten races. The following seven teams have reached it to the finals.

  1. FRA – Erwan Fischer, Thibault Julien – 46 points
  2. GER – Tim Fischer, Fabian Graf – 55 points
  3. ESP – Martin Llena, Santiago Alegre – 71 points
  4. AUS – Harry Price, Harry Morton – 76 points
  5. GER – Nils Carstensen, Jan Frigge – 79 points
  6. GER – Jakob Meggendorfer, Andreas Spranger – 82 points
  7. FRA – Hugo Fedrigucci, Virgil Aubriot – 88 points

Number 8-15 have reached the semi finals. They’ll sail three more races. After that, number one will be placed into the finals as well. Number 16+ will sail the remaining finals. They will sail two more races on top of the existing leaderboard, which will define their overall ranked.

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