Fun & Social Sailing Leads Fleet Rejuvenation

The 49er class has always been a fun place to race, but with the recent blessing of adding the 49erFX, it’s really a great place to be!  The whole atmosphere is much more social with a great balance of ambition passion, and spirit.  The 49erFX has quickly become the most popular dingy for female Olympic sailors – there are more female sailors entered in the 49erFX at Miami OCR than any other class, even the radial.

As such, we’ve resurrected the 49er Grand Prix events.  These are events with serious racing and serious fun thrown in at the same time.  Check out the scene from Florianopolis!

This summer we will have three European based 49er Grand Prix events and one more in South America this winter.  The GP’s allow sailors a little more time to get to know each other than higher stakes regattas.

  • Aarhus, Denmark (coincident with the Jr. World Championships)
  • Gdynia, Poland (our longest running event with great sponsors and the night race)
  • Tallinn, Estonia (coincident with the Tallinn maritime days)

On the serious end, there are 4 events this year we are likely to live broadcast – Palma, Kiel, Helsinki Europeans, and Santander Worlds.  These are the events 49er sailors will really gear up for and get their game faces on.  The beauty of the grand prix is that it’s a chance to combine serious racing with good time fun.  Join us!