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2-10 April 2021 / Mussanah, Oman

2021 Mussanah Open Championship

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This is the first international race held on Hungarian waters for the high-performance Olympics classes. The U23 fleet of the 49er and 49erFX classes are going to compete in Balatonfüred at the European Championships starting on the 12th of October. 40 boats representing 14 countries will take to the water from the Hungarian Sailing Federation’s newly built Kékszalag Port.

“These classes have never had an international competition in Hungary, so it is a huge achievement that this year we can organize the U23 European Championship here in Balatonfüred,” said Csaba Cserép, captain of the Hungarian 49er class, board member of the organizing club, the Balatonfüred Yacht Club.
It is a great opportunity for the young Hungarian sailors to race in domestic waters, in a friendly environment, without the need to travel, in a very strong fleet, in which, presumably, future Olympic participants and perhaps even Olympic champions will compete.

29 teams representing 13 countries will be racing in the 49er class at the European Championships. Among them is the Polish team, who finished 5th at the 2022 Junior Worlds and other Spanish teams that finished in the top ten, as well as the Israelis and Italians, both real strong sailors. So, the three Hungarian teams will face tough competition.

The 49erFX fleet is comprised of 10 teams from six countries on the entry list, including two Hungarian teams.

In junior races, the 49er class usually has 60-80 boats, the 49erFX class has about 40-50 boats. The reason why there are fewer teams in this year’s race is that Balatonfüred and the club organising the European Championship, the Balatonfüred Yacht Club (BYC), were given the right to organise the event at the very last moment.

“It only became official in the middle of summer that the European Championship could not be held at its original location, so a new bid was issued for hosting the race. There were two aspirants, but in the end BYC won the right to organize it. This is a great honour and pleasure, but also a bit of burden, since there wasn’t as much time left for preparation as in the case of a bid won in a ‘normal’ time,” said István Böröcz, executive director of the organizer BYC. “We are happy to be able to show what we are capable of, so we are looking forward to hosting the U23 generation in a beautiful lake environment, with good races and colourful programs, organized by a team with international background.”

Registration and the opening ceremony for the European Championship will take place on 12th of October, with the races starting the following day, on 13th of October. The competition will be divided into qualifiers and finals. The final races scheduled for the 15th and 16th of October. The European Championships will conclude with the award ceremony on the last day. Competitors can use the brand-new facilities of the Kékszalag Port, each day on completion of racing, the sailors will be greeted with fresh fruit when arriving back.

Among the social activities, the organisers are planning a dinner evening where the racers can try Hungarian cuisine and taste local wine. There will also be a hotdog and a pasta party, also a food truck will be available at the harbour.

The competition, results and latest news can be found on the event’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/593468039090770/

or on the website of the International 49er Class Association:

and on the website and facebook page of the Balatonfüred Yacht Club


Sponsors of the European Championship:

Balatonfüredi Yacht Club, SCI, Magyarország Kormánya, Magyar Vitorlás Szövetség, Nekem A Balaton, Spesys, Rooster, Monautix, Veszprémi Mezőgazdasági Zrt., Tigris, Frühwald, Lokomitív Ház

Fehérvári Optika, Lázár Pince, Algida, Panasonic, Leier Autó, BDO, Balatonfüred Város, Füred Kult, Balatonfelvidéki Nemzeti Park, Nelson, BalatonHelp


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Oman at a Glance

Perched on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman’s stark beauty and vastly contrasting landscapes have enchanted growing numbers of tourists each year.  With its magnificent desert, secret oases and  breathtaking mountain ranges, Oman is an alluring destination. A tropical underwater paradise lies beneath the turquoise sea, caressing the white sandy beaches that adorn the country’s stunning 3,165 km coastline.  

Alongside this natural wealth is Oman’s rich culture, which blends with modern infrastructure and historical features that span over 7,000 years. Grand forts, exquisite palaces and mystical souqs are sights to behold in the capital, Muscat. A visit to Oman makes you feel right at home from the time you arrive, until the moment you leave. The Sultanate is full of opportunities for adventure, including fascinating tours with an Arabian flavour.  

Oman’s coastline is a paradise for explorers. Its abundance of wildlife includes whales, dolphins, turtles, seahorses, and flamingos. Underwater, its incredible marine life is found close to the water’s surface.  





The mountains cover approximately 15% of the country’s land mass. Oman’s main mountain range is the 10,000 foot Al Hajar, which runs from Musandam in the North to the extreme limit of the Arabian Peninsula, Ras Al Had.  





Sands and deserts occupy the remaining area; these include two large sand deserts – The Wahiba Sands known as Rimalat Al Wahiba and part of the Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali). Here you can learn about Bedouin culture, camp under a dome of stars and experience the beauty of dawn in the desert.




Oman is known for its tropical climate whilst still subject to seasonal changes. From October through April, the Sultanate offers a lovely climate, with an average temperature of 23 degrees C. Combined with welcoming hospitality, warm seas and stunning landscapes, you can see why tourism in Oman is a growing industry.