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14-17 Sept, 2016 / Torbole, Italy

2016 Masters Class Chamionship

Athens Prep

49er Results
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Event Overview

Masters Champions – Carlo Nessi and Zanini Alessandro

Grand Masters Champions – Mathieu Mellou and Lucas Regis

Great Grand Masters Champions – Peter Moor and Campbell Reid

The age categories shall be by combined age at the beginning of the year raced.  To qualify for the World Championship teams must be 70 years old combined by the end the year raced.

Additional prizes will be given for other age categories.

  • Masters (70 years)
  • Grand Masters (85 years)
  • Great Grand Masters (100 years +)

Details to follow but we expect teams to be able to choose a 49er or 49erFX rigs as they wish.

Notice of Race

Open file

This event is the first ever 49er Masters World Championship and marks the 20 year anniversary of the skiff test where the 49er came into the Olympic family.