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July 8-13, Helsinki, Finland

2014 European Championship

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New Zealand wins 5 out of 6 in today’s gold fleet finals


Helsinki, Finland – Day 4 – 2014 Seiko 49er & 49erFX European Championship
The reigning World Champions from New Zealand dominated both the men’s and women’s fleets at the Seiko 49er & 49erFX European Championship in Helsinki today. With the sun shining brightly and the breeze blowing a perfect 12 to 16 knots, Alex Maloney said the conditions were similar to what they often experience back home in New Zealand. Maloney and crew Molly Meech, the reigning FX World Champions, duly went out and won the first two races of the gold fleet finals, followed up by a respectable 7th in the last race of the day.

The Kiwi girls are really hitting their stride after a bad first day in Helsinki. By last night they had moved up to 7th overall and now, after their two bullets, they sit just a point off the new series leaders, the defending European Champions from Denmark, Ida Marie Nielsen and Marie Olsen. Today’s wearers of the yellow jerseys, Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze, have slipped to 3rd overall. “We were sailing on a header all day,” said the Brazilian who is looking forward to stronger wind tomorrow. “We were happy with how we sailed in the big winds earlier this week, no capsizes, so it would be nice to do it again.”

Maloney and Meech were very happy with their outing and looking forward to another strong showing tomorrow. The only race they didn’t win was taken by British team, Charlotte Dobson and Sophie Ainsworth, whose clear victory in the final race leaves them in 4th overall with a big gap to 5th placed Leonie Meyer and Elena Stoffers.
The men’s 49er Gold Fleet was next on the TV course, and where the Kiwi girls left off, the reigning 49er World Champions picked up the Kiwi baton and ran with it all the way through the three races. Peter Burling and Blair Tuke fired three Kiwi bullets, a perfect recovery from the previous day when they had capsized three times in the strong winds. “We had good boatspeed all day,” said Tuke, “and that got us out of trouble even when we found ourselves on the wrong side of the shifts. We picked up a penalty at the start of race one but still managed to find our way through to the front. And then getting a port tack start over the fleet was like winning a race all by itself.” In the final race their margin of victory was so big that they had their boat back up the ramp and in the boat park by the time their great rivals, Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen, had crossed the finish line in 5th place. By the time the final boats were crossing the line, Tuke was already in the TV studio for a live broadcast interview.

The yellow jersey wearers from France, Manu Dyen and Stephane Christidis, slid down a lot of snakes to fall to 6th overall, with Burling and Tuke now holding an 8-point lead over Outteridge and Jensen who moved up to 2nd overall. Earlier this morning on the Magic Marine Morning Show, the top Kiwis and Aussies talked about their battle for 49er supremacy which is shaping up to be one of the great sailing rivalries of the modern era.

The Olympic gold and silver medallists from London 2012 remain the class act in the 49er. Even if Outteridge has lost some of his legendary dominance, the four-time World Champion was still happy with his day. “Maybe the Kiwis were making us look a bit ordinary, but we’re still stoked to keep all our scores in the top 5 today,” said the America’s Cup helmsman for Artemis Racing. “It was super-shifty and when you came off the start line you never knew if left or right was going to pay. You just had to use what was ahead of you, and going up the middle hardly ever worked. But it was great racing, and in one race we had eight boats going round all within 20 seconds of each other. Bring on the big breeze tomorrow!”

Gold Fleet racing continues live on Saturday, with a first start at 11:00.

Tune in at 09:00 tomorrow for the Magic Marine Morning Show where we have fantastic guests each day. Day 5 will feature defending European Champion in the 49erFX, Ida Marie Nielsen from Denmark, and the talented Brazilian, Martine Grael.

Here you can view the video from day 4: target=”_blank”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl36MuFZdsg

Photo credits: Mick Anderson, www.sailingpix.dk
Report by Andy Rice, www.sailingintelligence.com
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Flight Assignments 49er class for July 11, 2014.

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All teams must fill this form in prior to arriving at inspection.

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Notice Of Race

Uploaded March 24, 2014

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Entry List updated 1.7.2014

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Sailing Instructions

Uploaded June 30, 2014

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Note to competitors

Posted July 2, 2014 at 21:59.

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Note to Competitors WiFi

The Hernesaari WiFi Network is now open.

Network name: 49er
Password: july2014


Note to Competitors route to course C

Posted July 5, 2014.

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Note to Competitors Sail Numbers

Posted July 7, 2014.

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Dear Competitor,

I hope your training for the Europeans advances well. We have tried to give you variable weather and winds to give you an impression of how conditions may be in Helsinki.

We are lucky to have a large boat & car & trailer park but it would be better if we agreed on how to use that space.

My strong recommendation is – as presented graphically on the attached document Boat park:
1. All boats are parked stern to the fence.
2. Big road trailers and cars are parked further south, towards the tip of Hernesaari.
3. Tool boxes and box trailers would be parked closer to the buildings, leaving a safety passage of 6 m as required by the authorities.

I hope we can agree on this.

On another issue:   We operate in rented facilities. The tools and other equipment in the hall is our landlord’s property. For this reason we cannot lend you any tools and you cannot just borrow things off the shelves.


Thanks for your understanding,

Event Mangement,

  MM49er 300

Magic Marine Morning Show with Beau Outteridge

A Daily talk show with news and interviews form the sailors.

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49er Race Area A

49er Race Area B

49er Race Area C

 Schedule of Events *subject to changes

Day 0 – Monday July 7, 15:00 – Practice Race

Day 1 -Tuesday July 8, 11:00 – 49er qualification followed by 49erFX qualification

Day 2 – Wednesday July 9, 11:00 49erFX qualification follow by 49er qualification

Day 3 – Thursday July 10, 11:00 49er qualification followed by 49erFX qualification

Day 4 – Friday July 11, 11:00 49erFX Semi Final followed by 49er Semi Final

Day 5 – Saturday July  12 11:00 49er Semi Final followed by 49erFX Semi Final

Day 6 – Sunday July 13 10:00 C Final,  11:00 B Final, 12:00 A Final

City Centre & VenueHelsinki citymap

The Race Harbour Hernesaari

Helsinki Europeans the venue


Adress to the Venue:

Hernesaarenranta 2
00150 Helsinki

The venue opens 5th July.


Shipping goods to Finland for the 49er & FX Europeans

You may want to ship goods to Finland for use in the Europeans event. As the championship venue will open only 5th July, our recommendation is that you ship to the Nyländska Jaktklubben Sailing Center:

Nyländska Jaktklubben
Vaskisalmenkuja 9
00200 Helsinki
attn Patrick Andersson
NJK office phone is +358 9 68698610, email kansliet@njk.fi


How to Get Here?

There are ferries from Germany, Sweden and Estonia. For ideas please check here.


Practical information about Helsinki and the Event – check here 

Venue Map 

49er Europeans 2014 Venue Map

 The map below shows the  course areas and the routes to take to get to the Course area C.  To the W-NW  of the W mark on Course area C  there is a rock that may be risky for a 49er. We will mark it with buoys before racing start.

Note that to get to Course area C boats have to cross a fairway used by Tallinn ferries and other large ships. Care must be taken when  crossing it and the organisers will supervise that area when needed.

When sailing to the area, you need to sail round the red mark buoy at the northern tip of Melkki island. The shallow area to the North of that mark extends to the NW of the mark as can be seen on a chart. You are also advised not to sail too close to the Lauttasaari island.

The courses will be laid so as to ensure that there is enough navigable water on all sides of the leeward marks and the starting line. It is useful, however, to study the area on the chart.

49er Europeans 2014 Race Areas

NJK – The Organizing Club

NJK – Nyländska Jaktklubben
Vaskisalmenkuja 9
00200 Helsinki

Email: kansliet(at)njk.fi

Event Project Manager: Patrick Andersson
Phone: +358 40 5404862
E-mail: pata(at)njk.fi

Officials Organizer: Lars Nyqvist
E-mail: lny(at)kolumbus.fi

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