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July 8-13, Helsinki, Finland

2014 European Championship

Day 6 - Finals

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This is the 18th running of the 49er European Championship and the third time the fleet has come to Helsinki, Finland with the previous events being in 2011 and 1998.  Qualifying runs July 8-10, Gold Fleet is July 11, 12 (live broadcast), Finals July 13 (live broadcast).

One of the most exciting aspects of the championship is the chance to watch two of the worlds best high performance sailors go head to head.  Burling versus Outteridge!  These two teams have won the past 5 world championships between them in 49er, and have raced each other in a number of other classes as well (Moth, AC45, A-class).  They are also about to go head to head in the next America’s Cup.  While nobody, especially them, would say this is a 2 horse race, odds are they will both factor in heavily.

The chasing teams are all from ‘squad’ countries, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Germany, and a second team from New Zealand.

Warrer (DEN), the 2008 gold medalist but did not qualify for the 2012 games as his countryman Allan Norreggard took the spot, and the Bronze medal.  Allan is off sailing Nacras for now leaving Jonas a clearer path in 2016.  Team Denmark has been shaken up one more time, however, as only 2 weeks ago Warrer announced his split from Peter Lang.  Peter crewed on the Bronze medal boat in London, and has now been replaced by Anders Thomsen who briefly sailed with Allan Norreggaard.  The Danish 49er scene is used to shake ups, but it seems a stretch to ask this new pairing to deliver so soon after teaming up.

Germany’s Erik Heil and Thomas Ploessel have emerged from the German pack.  They won the Palma World Cup in 2013 and medaled at the Euros last year, and recently won Kieler Woche on home waters.  They are a bit hot and cold in qualifying sometimes, including missing gold fleet at least years worlds, but in trapezing conditions are one of the top teams.

Team GBR is stacked again this quadrennial.  The leading light for most events has been Dylan Fletcher and Alain Sign.  They had a chance to win the Euros last year and also got a Bronze in 2011 (in Helsinki) and will be extremely motivated.  The British system uses a selection committee to decide who gets to go to the Olympics.  Dylan and Align are trying to be consistently ahead of their British rivals at every major event so that the selection committee has no choice but to send them.

The rest of the British squad is sailing well too, with John Pink sailing with former 470 world Champion Stuart Bithell.  They will be joining Dylan and Alain in Rio for the 2014 test event.  Dave Evans and Ed Pows have had a number of solid events this year, including a Silver medal in Kieler Woche two weeks ago, and could easily emerge.  The dark horse is Nic Asher (former 470 world champion) with Flynn Sterritt, and then finally we cannot discount Stevie Morrison and Chris Grube.  Stevie is the 2 X British Olympic rep and 2007 World Champion.  It’s a stacked squad, but can they claim the top of the podium, a place they have been missing from for a mini-generation.

The French squad has 2 main contenders now.  There is Manu Dyan and Stephane Christidis, who were 4th at the London Olympics.  They took the year off in 2013, and during that time Julien D’Ortoli and Noe Delpesh were on the podium almost every event, and were certainly contenders.  It seems like line the return of Manu and Stephane that it’s had an impact on Julien and Noe, as they have not performed to their potential since the worlds in 2013.

Outside the squads there are teams from all over that can challenge.  Austria’s Nico and Niko are always in the game, Ireland Seaton and McGovern won their first World Cup medal this year, and the Croatians are veterans who could easily string a top regatta together, and then there are New Zealand’s Young Gun’s, Marcus Hansen and Josh Porebski who are looking to jump straight to the top of the podium.

Join us from July 11-13 for live broadcasts of the gold fleet racing and finals.  If you’d like an email reminder, sign up to our ‘insiders’ list.  We’ll have live coverage of the event via twitter and facebook, a Magic Marine Morning Show each day, and numerous other ways to stay in touch with what will be one of the best regattas of the year.

Coverage of the 2014 Europeans is brought to you by Seiko and Magic Marine.

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Flight assignments 49er

Flight Assignments 49er class for July 11, 2014.

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Flight Assignments 49erFX Day 4

Flight assignment 49erFX

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Pre Event Class Rules Compliance and Timetable 2014

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Pre Event and Post Race Inspections

Pre Event - Post Race Inspection

Equipment Declaration Form

All teams must fill this form in prior to arriving at inspection.

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Notice Of Race

Uploaded March 24, 2014

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Entry List updated 1.7.2014

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Sailing Instructions

Uploaded June 30, 2014

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Note to competitors

Posted July 2, 2014 at 21:59.

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Note to Competitors WiFi

The Hernesaari WiFi Network is now open.

Network name: 49er
Password: july2014


Note to Competitors route to course C

Posted July 5, 2014.

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Note to Competitors Sail Numbers

Posted July 7, 2014.

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Dear Competitor,

I hope your training for the Europeans advances well. We have tried to give you variable weather and winds to give you an impression of how conditions may be in Helsinki.

We are lucky to have a large boat & car & trailer park but it would be better if we agreed on how to use that space.

My strong recommendation is – as presented graphically on the attached document Boat park:
1. All boats are parked stern to the fence.
2. Big road trailers and cars are parked further south, towards the tip of Hernesaari.
3. Tool boxes and box trailers would be parked closer to the buildings, leaving a safety passage of 6 m as required by the authorities.

I hope we can agree on this.

On another issue:   We operate in rented facilities. The tools and other equipment in the hall is our landlord’s property. For this reason we cannot lend you any tools and you cannot just borrow things off the shelves.


Thanks for your understanding,

Event Mangement,

  MM49er 300

Magic Marine Morning Show with Beau Outteridge

A Daily talk show with news and interviews form the sailors.

 Keep up to date with the sailing action on social media –  

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Follow the 49er Racing live twitter feeds and tracking


49er Race Area A

49er Race Area B

49er Race Area C

 Schedule of Events *subject to changes

Day 0 – Monday July 7, 15:00 – Practice Race

Day 1 -Tuesday July 8, 11:00 – 49er qualification followed by 49erFX qualification

Day 2 – Wednesday July 9, 11:00 49erFX qualification follow by 49er qualification

Day 3 – Thursday July 10, 11:00 49er qualification followed by 49erFX qualification

Day 4 – Friday July 11, 11:00 49erFX Semi Final followed by 49er Semi Final

Day 5 – Saturday July  12 11:00 49er Semi Final followed by 49erFX Semi Final

Day 6 – Sunday July 13 10:00 C Final,  11:00 B Final, 12:00 A Final

City Centre & VenueHelsinki citymap

The Race Harbour Hernesaari

Helsinki Europeans the venue


Adress to the Venue:

Hernesaarenranta 2
00150 Helsinki

The venue opens 5th July.


Shipping goods to Finland for the 49er & FX Europeans

You may want to ship goods to Finland for use in the Europeans event. As the championship venue will open only 5th July, our recommendation is that you ship to the Nyländska Jaktklubben Sailing Center:

Nyländska Jaktklubben
Vaskisalmenkuja 9
00200 Helsinki
attn Patrick Andersson
NJK office phone is +358 9 68698610, email kansliet@njk.fi


How to Get Here?

There are ferries from Germany, Sweden and Estonia. For ideas please check here.


Practical information about Helsinki and the Event – check here 

Venue Map 

49er Europeans 2014 Venue Map

 The map below shows the  course areas and the routes to take to get to the Course area C.  To the W-NW  of the W mark on Course area C  there is a rock that may be risky for a 49er. We will mark it with buoys before racing start.

Note that to get to Course area C boats have to cross a fairway used by Tallinn ferries and other large ships. Care must be taken when  crossing it and the organisers will supervise that area when needed.

When sailing to the area, you need to sail round the red mark buoy at the northern tip of Melkki island. The shallow area to the North of that mark extends to the NW of the mark as can be seen on a chart. You are also advised not to sail too close to the Lauttasaari island.

The courses will be laid so as to ensure that there is enough navigable water on all sides of the leeward marks and the starting line. It is useful, however, to study the area on the chart.

49er Europeans 2014 Race Areas

NJK – The Organizing Club

NJK – Nyländska Jaktklubben
Vaskisalmenkuja 9
00200 Helsinki

Email: kansliet(at)njk.fi

Event Project Manager: Patrick Andersson
Phone: +358 40 5404862
E-mail: pata(at)njk.fi

Officials Organizer: Lars Nyqvist
E-mail: lny(at)kolumbus.fi

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