The FX class rules stipulate that the hull, wings, foils, boom and pole must be 49er class parts.

The jib sheet is allowed an extra purchase, and the gennaker sheet is allowed an extra block to increase the efficiency of the ratchet block.

The new carbon FX mast is made by Southern Spars in Sri Lanka.

The top and bottom tubes are about 450mm shorter than the 49er mast tubes.

The spreaders are the same as the 49er and can be used on either boat.

All of the mast fittings are the same on the 49er and FX, so spare parts can be used for either boat.

The Sails are made by North Sails in Sri Lanka.

North Sails and Southern Spars are in the same industrial zone near Colombo and both share the same logistics team. This means that the mast and sails can be shipped together to save costs.

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