Drone Coverage From the Junior WC Including Final Day

With drone technology advancing daily it would seem, especially in the areas of cost and safety, it is allowing some new camera angles to emerge for sailing coverage.  At the 2014 Seiko 49er & 49erFX Junior World Championship we may not have been able to complete all the races on the final day, but we were able to capture some cool images from the finals racing.  Check out the final day coverage here, the first race is race 2 of the 49erFX Final and the second sections are from race 1 of the 49er finals.

The races above were obviously in some light winds, and it was very shifty.  The 49erFX finished their races, but the 49er race had to be abandoned on the first downwind.  What we were seeing was Netherlands Bekkering and Blom taking a signficant lead into the windward mark.  Then we saw everyone gybeset to follow, but the Spanish team Cantero shrimped their kite creating a roadblock of other teams trying to get around.

In the 49er race we saw Botin and Turrado (ESP) come of the line from the pin and dominate the first beat.  In the end, the race had to be abandoned on the first downwind as the wind came in from 180 degrees.

We also were able to get some drone coverage from days 1 and 2. Here are those videos.

And Day 1

And here is the playlist including all the race narration and interviews.

Thanks to Sailing Aarhus for a great regatta, Rune Naumann for the drone coverage, and Trine Thomsen for the editing!