Using the Travel Card in Helsinki

When registering, competitors and coaches will be given a card for Helsinki Public Transport. The card is valid from 5th to 13th July.

Show your Travel Card to the card reader every time you board a bus. On other vehicles, you do not need to show the card to the reader as your card is programmed to be a valid season ticket.

When using your card, do not press the buttons of the card reader. Simply place your card in the reading area in the middle of the keypad. Do not remove the card from the reader until the green light appears and the reader beeps.

Your travel card is valid in Helsinki. This includes Lauttasaari in the West and Vuosaari in the East. If you travel to neighbor cities Espoo, Vantaa (e.g. the Airport) or Sipoo, you need to buy a regular ticket.

Timetables are found here. Bus 14 takes you to the Hernesaari Venue.

The last day of validity for your card is Sunday 13th July. If you use Helsinki public transport after that date, you need to buy a ticket.

We would like you to return the card on 13th July. After that it has no value for you, it may have for us.