Upmarine Boats Sailing in China

Julian Bethwaite’s new partnership with Upmarine group in China has lead to a boatbuilding campaign in the 49er.  Both Julian and Harry Bethwaite have spent a great deal of time over a number of trips to Southern China in the past 18 months.  They oversaw and taught some of the boatbuilding skills required to produce great boats like the 49er.  This past weekend Harry was rewarded by being on the first 49er to sail on Dianshan Lake near Shangai.

According to his Instagram, the experience was incredible and many locals were very interested to see what was going on.   There is growing interest in sailing in China with state academy’s and teams clamoring to reach the pinnacle of the sport.  To date, most of these programs have focus on the more universal classes, but as sailing skill levels rise there is the inevitable drive and interest in some of the higher performance classes.  The class welcome the new sailors and we hope to see them at upcoming championships.

Congratulations to the Upmarine team!



UpMarine Boat Building Team

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