Theatre Style Options Submitted by Class Members

At the Open Forum in Garda, the attendees were invited to submit options for how we should conclude events using Theatre Style as the backdrop.  We got a number of submissions that are very interesting and which we will use through the year when opportunities arise.

I have taken the liberty to name the options.  Please take to the forum to discuss the options and use their names to we all know which ones are being discussed.

Some of the criteria which we should use to select options are:

  • A fair competition where the sailors who sail the best win.
  • Everyone entering a Theatre Style competition should mathematically be able to win.
  • The competition should have a 1.5-2 hour section that can be watched live.  49er could be half this long with FX the other half to total 1.5-2 hours.
  • The competition should have a focus that can be as short as 1 race to be picked up by TV.
  • The Theatre Style competition should leave relevance to the qualifying/fleet racing.
  • Races should be short enough to be fair but no so long to become boring.
  • The number of races completed should by physically possible for a crew.

And now for the options, please submit more if you have ideas.

Just Like Gara

In case you forgot, in Garda there each round was low point scoring, with 3 races and carrying in your position.  Then there was a single grand final with the top 4 boats, winner takes all.  A variation on this is to have the Grand Final have only the top 3 boats, so they all win medals.


Garda with Match Race Final

Same as above except instead of a top 4 race off, it’s the top 2 match race for gold and 3-4 match race for Silver.  First to win 2 races with the higher qualifyer already having 1 win.


Garda Win 2

Same format as Garda, but in Grand final the winner is the first boat to win 2 races (leader carries in 1 race win).  The rest of the medals are decided from low point scoring during the grand final.


Points to 10

Start rounds with 5 points for 1st, 4 for second, 3 for 3rd, 2 for 4th, 1 for 5th, 0 for 6-8 – 3 races, Winner takes 4 points, 2nd 3, 3rd 2, 4th 1.  First to 10 points wins/moves on.  In the final, keep racing until silver gets 10 points and bronze gets 10 points.


Elimination Pursuit

Each team in a round starts racing around the course.  The last placed boat at every mark is eliminated from the competition until there is only 1 left (or 3 in the case of the final).  The leader starts at go, then 2nd at 10 seconds, then 3rd at 20 seconds, etc.


Theatre Style Medal Race

Have a normal medal race like we did through the 2012 Quad, but set boundaries so the boats sail in the Theatre.

Elimination By Race

For those who remember the 2005 European in Denmark, this is similar to what we did.


Big Sixy

Top 6 go into Theatre Racing at the first to win 2 races emerges from a round.


5 Point

5 teams go into the Theatre, 1st with 5 points, 2nd with 4, 3rd with 3, 4th with 2, fifth with 1.  Race winners take 5 points, 2nd 4, etc… the first to get 20 points wins.

Big Theatre

The top 16 boats go into a single theatre, carrying positions though.  They do 2 races and the top 8 move on.  They carry their new positions through again until it is down to the top 4.  The top 2 match race for gold and 3-4 match race for Bronze.




6 teams go into every race, and the top 3 advance.  The winning teams then race against the next 3 best teams etc.  The starting point at any place in the fleet is arbitrary so can be started at any point.


4 Quarters

The qualification serves only as a seeding for the final ‘tournament’.  The top 32 teams are divided into 4 quarter finals.  The top 4 move on in each group to Semi Finals and then to an 8 boat final.  In each case there are no points carrying forward, just 3 race low point scoring.


Seeded 16

The top 16 teams advance to a semi finals.  3 races in each semis put 4 boats to the finals.  Then 1 race to decide the championship.


Straight 8

Just the top 8 go to the theatre, 1 race decides everything.