Scoring Comparisons At Palma

The Palma 2013 regatta has been using a different scoring system than typical regatta for the past 8 years.  The qualifying series got turned into a single place that could be dropped during gold fleet racing.

As the 49er class is interested in how scoring and formats are interacting, here is a comparrision of the various point teams would be on at this stage using different scoring options.

Here is the table for the 49erFX.  The range is almost exactly the same between first and last.  In this case, using format scoring would have spread the results considerably, and using elimination scoring would have turned the final into a match race for the gold with a fleet race for the bronze happening at the same time.


Here is the comparison for how the 49er fleet would have looked using alternative scoring systems.


In this case, there was a very big impact on the results.  We would be in for an epic 4 team battle for the medals.  Also, outliers Jonathan Bay would have been out of luck with the Alonso brothers taking their place.

I’ll leave further analysis for another time, just wanted to publish this as promised.