Sail Stickers (flags and sail numbers)

The Classes will no longer run the contract for supplying sail stickers to sailors. Instead, the classes will license graphics producers from around the world to produce class legal flags (and sail numbers for 49er). Please ensure you only buy graphics from a licensed supplier.

Initially, the only licensed supplier is Grapefruit Graphics, our previous contract holder, but as additional licensees are approved their web store links will be added to the class web pages for you all to shop around or find a supplier near you. If there is a potential supplier near you that wishes to supply glass graphics, have them speak to the class manager, Ben, about getting a license.

The main risk in having multiple suppliers is that the look of the flags and sail numbers will not be consistent, and therefore, we are making efforts for all flags and numbers be produced in a consistent look. Time will tell in how successful these efforts are.

For those wishing to buy stickers immediately, the Grapefruit graphics store is open, though I think they are still fine tuning their flag offering for the new 49er and 49erFX main flags –

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