Sail number and flag for the 49erFX

49erFX flag and number placement

The 49erFX country flag and sail numbers will be the same as the 49er has been since 2010.  It will be a full panel country flag in the 3rd panel down with a number banner immediately below the 3rd batten.  The 49erFX class rules have been amended so that the Flag and sail numbers are moved up one panel from how it was written.  It will look like a combination of these two images.

small_flag   small_number


This gives sailors and event organisers one more panel for sponsorship.ccIt also gives you the same number of panels as the 49er for sponsorship which is important as all 49er & FX regattas are being held together.

The class rules will be enforced for the upcoming World Cup events in Europe so you need to order you country flag and sail number panel from your class association now if you are competing.  You must fit your sail numbers to comply with the RRS regulations.

The class rules require you to buy the sail number panel from the class association.  We also recommend that you buy your sail numbers from the class also to ensure that the size is correct.  We will offer the sail numbers as an option, and if you choose to have them supplied by the class supplier this will keep the class looking good and consistent on the water as everyone will have the same font and size of numbers!  There is a link to the class e-store in the class info section of

You must also be a member of the class, so make sure to sign up for membership as well if you have not done so.

One change that requires a bit of work from the sailors side is the moving of the FX.  Your flag must go where the FX logo is currently.  The FX logo can be wiped off using acetone.  Use rubber gloves and plenty of paper towels or rags to do this. It is easy to do, but don’t use too much acetone or you will spread the ink all over the sail!

You should also order a new FX logo with the flag. Fit this as shown below.

The FX logo should be at the leech of the panel. This allows you to fit Gold circles in front when you win a world championship! This is also where the logo will be on all new sails.

Notice that the angle of the logo bisects the angles of the battens. This is how it looks best so try and get it as close as possible.



The sail numbers

Each class rule, 49er and 49erFX, is written differently right now.  For the 49er, the class has available numbers 20-500 for personal sail numbers and 1-10 for the top 10 at worlds.  The class will offer these numbers to sailors that want them in alignment with how we see the future numbers to be assigned.

Team who have competed in a Gold fleet at worlds are elidgeable to have a 2 digit sail number between 20-99.  We will allocate numbers based on who finished higher at the most recent worlds, working backward in time… so if you finished 25 at worlds 4 years ago as your top finish, please send in a few options.  We will hold back on allocating number until March 4th, 2013, and then after that issue on a first come first serve basis.  Email your requests to the class office and we will keep an official register online of who has what number.

For teams who have not sailed in Gold Fleet, they can claim Personal Sail numbers between 100-500 using the same procedure.  Preference in claims for the same number will be given to teams who are renewing personal sail numbers and then by flipping a coin after that.  Again, get your number request into the office by March 4, 2013 to claim a number.

For the 49erFX, we only have numbers 1-100 to work with, so the long term system will not work right now.  Instead we will hold off issuing any personal sail numbers until at least May.  At that point, we may offer teams who have placed highly in World Cup and Contintental events the opportunity to claim a 2 digit number 11-99 ahead of the Europeans.  49erFX must use their hull number for their sail numer, as per the class rules.

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