November 2022 Update

49er Mainsails
49er mainsail production has gone according to plan. The first 120 mains from an initial production run of 200 will soon be available for 49er sailors.

In December, teams who participated in the Worlds or Euros will get first allocation of sails. Teams can get them from their dealer. We aim to have the first 120 distributed by the end of December.

Teams who didn’t compete at Worlds or Euros should be able to get sails very soon after the first release, and are encouraged to place their orders too if they are interested. Our aim is to supply every team their first sail before any team gets a second sail, and we hope sailors will not actively try to undermine the class in making things fair for all.

Our Upcoming Regattas
We will soon be announcing:
– 49er and FX Worlds in Lanzarote, late Feb 2024- 49er, FX, and Nacra 17 Euroepans in La Grande Motte, France, early May 2024- still pending, but Nacra 17 Junior Europeans in Belgium, Mid-late July 2023

– still pending, but 2023 49er and FX Short Track World Champion in Gothenburg, Sweden either just before or just after Kiel. Feedback on timing is welcome.

– We do not plan on holding a 2023 Junior Europeans since there are already so many regattas in Europe in 2023.

Technical Bits
Mast tenon prototypes (the very bottom of 49er masts) continue to be tested. The 4th iteration seems to have promise, and will start to be tested in coming weeks. If approved, all teams will need to change over to the new tenon (on warranty), which will be distinguishable from other mast tenons as it will be anodyzed a new color.

Class rule changes voted on at our AGM’s are being processed by the World Sailing Equipment Committee. I hope they will be approved December 15th.

Website and Media
It’s time to take another look at our website and media strategy. If any of you is interested in helping come up with a strategy please be in touch with Ben.
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