New Sails Sign Up

The 49er and FX sails are almost ready to be sent to sailors. North Sails have the ability to make the upwind sails quite quickly, at a pace of roughly 36 sails per week. The spinnakers can be made even faster than that. As such, we expect the fleet members to get sails very close to the same time as each other. However, we still need to be fair about who get sails first, so the 49er Executive agreed on the following distribution plan:

a) 1 suit of sails per class per nation in the first round – Deliver end of November Target
b) 1 suit of sails per team in the second round – Delivery December through January Target
c) Open purchase – no limits – February Onwards

Please register here to be put into the queue for sails. You will still purchase your sails from your normal dealer/builder. This priority list only determines how many sails the various dealers/builders get while supply is constrained. Registrations will be valid until October 28th, though sailors can continue to order from their dealers after that. The builders/dealers will manage supplying to their sailors but will agree to the principles above.

If you have been working with John Mcfee (Ovi) and are part of a bulk order with your MNA from (GBR, DEN, GER, ITA, SWE, NED, FIN, ESP) you do NOT need to fill out the form, we already have your info.