January Update

49er Mast Tenon

There is a specification change to the mast tenon for the 49er and 49erFX. After much discussion and testing, the Copy Rights Holders have proposed the V2 tenon as the tenon the class will use from now onwards.

All those teams that have another version will have their tenons replaced on warranty. The V2 version will be the only version legal for class racing.

Three different tenons were supplied by builders over the previous period of time and a few other test versions were produced. Most teams will have been racing on the V2 foot profile of the tenon, but there is even a slight difference between tenons that have the correct profile. The final version will be the V2 with chamfers/indents build into the cheeks/sides of the foot to avoid it pressing on the mast channel, especially when raising or lowering the mast.

The measurers will have templates at championships to ensure the correct tenons are being used for racing. Teams are reminded to double-check the length of their forestays.

The availability of the updated tenons should be in March, so this rollout is expected to be swift.