February 2023 Update

Palma Rule Compliance

Palma is upcoming quickly, and team are expected to be in full compliance wth the class rules for racing. Team should ensure their boats are at least at minimum weight, using their own sail number, and all of the other rules will apply.

There are not going to be any restrictions on 49er equipment in Palma, so teams can use any equipment still. However, team must use class compliant flags and numbers. Here is where the licenced sticker makers links are: https://49er.org/class-info/personal-sail-number-flags/

As a reminder for 49er and 49erFX, teams with 1 and 2 digit numbers are required to have the larger numbers. There has been some foregiveness about stickers during this transition through equipment, but we must now get used to strict compliance as we head into Olympic qualifying season.

49er Mast Tenon

Both Ovi and Mackay got their first shipments of new tenons yesterday and the part looks to be as intended. They will start supplying the fleet immediately.

You can print the pdf below to check if your current tenon is the correct shape or not. We expect a large portion of the fleet will have the correct bottom shape, but some of those tenons don’t have the additional machining to avoid hitting the mast channel when the mast gets lowered. Teams are requested to file down those tenons for the interim period, and they will be replaced once supply becomes available.

Only the correct tenons will be legal for racing once the fleet has been supplied completely.

Tenon PDF


49er Mast Top Section

There have been a number of broken 49er mast top sections. It seems like this issue might have gotten more pronounced once the entirety of the fleet moved over to CST and North mainsails post worlds. There has been no decision yet on what, if anything, to do about it. Teams are requested to fill out warranty forms for any broken mast section to ensure the full story is known by the builders and CST.

CST has begun looking at alternatives to potentially increase toughness and/or strength, but any replacement would require testing and therefore cannot be on a tight timeline. The 49er executive will deliberate once any solutions are proposed, and we will keep the fleet informed.

2023 Europeans NOR and other regatta updates

The notice of race for the 2023 Europeans is released, and available on the notice board. We will open registration later in the summer when it’s a bit closer to the regatta.

The 2024 Worlds in Lanzarote are for 49er only. The Nacra 17 Class may or may not have a World Championship in 2024. If it does happen, it will be after the Olympics.