December 2022 Update

Class Rules

The Nacra 17 Class rules have been formally updated and published by World Sailing. As always, the current link is available at -> class info -> class rulesThe 49er Class rules are still waiting for deliberation by the World Sailing Class Rules Sub Committee. They plan to meet to discuss our submission in early January so hopefully the process won’t take too much longer.

New 49er Class President

Jyrki Jarvi (FIN) informed the 49er class executive he will step down from his role as president of the Class. We would like to extended our thanks to JJ for his years of contribution to the 49er class and look forward to his continued involvement.The 49er Class Executive has co-opted Matt McGovern (IRL) to become our interim class president until an election can be held at our AGM in November. Matt is a long time 49er sailor and coach in the class and has accepted the position.

49er Sails

At the time of writing, the first 120 sails have landed in their global locations and all sailors on the initial list should have received their first mainsail, or be in discussion with their dealer on how to get their hands on it. There is more stock available, as the initial run was 200 sails, so any team should not be able to order a new mainsail and receive their first sail in a reasonable period of time. Teams wishing to get additional sails may place orders with their dealers and more sails for all the upwind sails should be available in reasonable quantities through the spring. North continues to build 16 suits of sails per week which should be enough to meet demand through the summer championship season. Following the shape and consistency review in Nova Scotia that North performed, they were able to assess their build process and update/upgrade some of their tooling and practices to make the sails more consistent. We will monitor the sails built over the next months to asses whether these changes have addressed sailor concerns.