Comparing 3 main scoring options in 49er sailing

With scoring a hot topic in the 49er class, here is a look at how Hyeres 2013 would have looked using the 2 main options the 49er has used over the past 2 cycles and elimination scoring.  

For the 49er

new Comparisons of 3 formats 49er

And here is the look at the 49erFX

Comparisons of 3 formats 49erFX


– the Elimination scoring delivers on what it is supposed to do.  It rewards teams that sail well over many days.  It keep the points close when they should be close.

– The elimination scoring keeps the points gaps similar to the Hyeres scoring system, but keeps the order close to the Perth scoring system.

– The elimination scoring, for the most part is a moderating factor between the ‘unfairness’ created by cutting off so severely the qualification racing and having the qualification be so dominent, like it was in the Perth System.

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