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South American Class Dictator, Thomas LowBeer shares some tips with us about how to best operate for Rio Shipping.

His new sponsor is Podium Logistics, a very nice logistics company.  Their services can be very valuable to 49er sailors and NOC’s.

“With Rio in most teams radar and possibly a 49er Worlds in the vicinity a lot of activity is expected.  I have some experience with import of boats and it is very different in Brazil than elsewhere. Having the same company do the job for everyone is really helpful to prevent problems with customs.

Here is a  review of Podium and a bit of their story.

Podium Global Sports Logistics is a company that was born big and solid. A company created when two great companies were brought together.  Designed and build to provide customized full logistics to all Mega Sports Events and its stake holders such as NOC´s, PMA´s, broadcasters and sponsors it has already in its portfolio 2 Pan American Games ( 2007 and 2011 ), several international sports events such as ESS, RB Air Race, F1, INDY RACE and most recently the  FIFA confederations Cup 2013 and now FIFA Brazil World Cup 2014 as official logistics operator.

Operating for almost 100 years, Fink Group owns a major national and international events logistics infra-structure in Brazil. With know-how on the customs legislation in special regime of temporary or permanent admission, its warehouses are strategically located in the major capitals. With approximately 1.300 officials and yearly invoicing of 430 millions, FINK Group has quality certification by Ernst and Young and DNV. Access to airports roads, for complete control of air loads. Customs controlled room (recinto alfandegado) – Inspectors assigned to the Group’s dry docks perform the customs clearance. Marine Terminals, Integrated Logistics and Dry Ports.

FINK merged with Sax Group, who operates for more than 15 years in logistics for business fairs and sports, cultural and theater events, and in international logistics providing services to importers and exporters. With approximately 75 million reais yearly revenue and expertise in European market and sports events, it has 16 offices located in strategic cities of Brazil, including Santos, Guarulhos and Viracopos. In addition to offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. There were several international shows, like Jamiroquai, Coldplay, The Cardigans and others. Major sports events as Formula 1, Formula Indy, Red Bull Air Race, Class 1 Power Boat Championship, Volvo Ocean Race, GT3, BMW and others.

Current partner and vendor of Brazilian Olympic  Committee and Rio 2016 PODIUM has recently done all import procedures for many NOC´s such as UK, China, France and Argentina.  With head office in Rio de Janeiro and vast structure nationwide customers can expect stand alone operational presence in all major cities and Hubs of Brazil.

Due to a close relationship with all major sports entities and as agents for the biggest recent events in Brazil, PODIUM offer to its customers deep knowledge of the specific customs legislation and procedures used for the import and export of NOC´s and confederations equipment on the pre, during and after event.

Last but not least, Podium can also offer a unique warehouse area ( 25.000 2 ) within the heart of the Olympic main cluster and only few kilometers away  from the Olympic Villa.”

If you are looking for help getting in and out of Rio, this seems like a good bet.

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