About the Europeans Entries

Dear 49er & FX Sailors,

Interest in the 49er & FX European Championship is overwhelming. The low fee entry period has now closed and there are more than 110 Entries, 70+ for 49er, 40+ for FX.

Some of you have contacted me and been worried about not being on the entry list as shown on the event home pages.

Let me try and explain the issue:

The entry systems requires the fee to be paid when submitting the entry, otherwise it does not register your entry.

For most of you this has not been a problem. But for some of you, the entry fee has been paid by your federation or by somebody else as a separate bank transfer. Then the entry has not gone through and you are not yet on the entry list.

In those cases we have asked for the same information as required by the online form to be sent by email. When we have got that information and have proof that the payment has been made, then your entry is valid.

We start immediately now to put together an entry list including also those “email entries”. Our target is to post it on the event pages by 23rd June.

In the meantime, in case you think there is a problem with your entry, feel free to contact me – as some of you have already done.

We sailed a Finnish GP event 14th and 15th June on the course area to be used during the Europeans. Conditions were good and a lot of useful lessons were learned both by the sailors and by us, the race organizers.

Looking forward to seeing you in Helsinki,


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