49erFX recalculation of Palma 2013 Based on Elimination Scoring

Hi Sailors,

With the recent announcement of ‘elimnation scoring’ for the 49erFX the 2013 European Championships, there is some natural curiocity as to how it works.  I’ve gone back through the Palma regatta to rescore it using elimination scoring. I will do the same for Hyeres if anybody knows where to find the qualifying scores as the website has cut them off for the ‘carry forward’.

Here are the results as they were:… sorry for the display option, but I don’t have many in blog format.


I created an artificial break in the regatta by counting backwards from the last race in a similar way to how the europeans will go…. I left the 4 theatre races as theatre races and then I pretented that the last 4 races of the championship are like the second last day of the euros, with 16 boats.  That’s where I made the break for this simulated calculation.

At this stage, nothing is chaned, I’ve just added all the races before the hypothetical overnight regatta resutls.  Not the column that all teams are sorted by:


The 16 boat stays in, the 17th boat is relegated (to what would be the repechage).  Then all the races are rescored as if only these 16 boats competed.  Here is how it looks after the cut and recalculation.

Here you can see the ‘new’ points in the column right beside the old points column.  For the most part teams farther back gain more than those ahead, but teams gain back similar numbers of points to those around them.  Where that is different is with letter scores, as teams who had a few DNF’s that windy day are not penalized as much as with normal scoring, if they can make it to this point.


Using the same table, but looking at a different column, the teams keep racing with only the ’16 boats’.  Now in the Europeans, there will only be 16 boats, but here, I did not ‘correct’ for the fact there were more boats, I just left it as it was.  The total score after the day is ordered from least points to most, and 8th qualifies while 9th is relegated to what would be the petit final.

Like before, we add the scores cut.


We split the fleet between 8 and 9th, and then rescore every race as if only those 8 boats had been racing the whole time.



a) The resutls are very similar to the other scoring method.  Only 1 different team made the theatre style final, and they were in 9th the other way.

b) The teams that sailed spectacularly all week to get large leads kept those large leads.

c) The one team that moved up the most was Viky and Anika.  This speaks clearly to the ‘fairness’ piece, as they sailed better in the first 3 days than in the final 2 days, yet with ‘carry forward’ scoing were heavily penalized for this.

d) The teams that finished really close to each other, NED, GBR, GER, and ITA were all really close to each other anyway.

I will try to do this for a few more regattas so that everyone can get more comfortable with the concept.