49erFX recalculation of Hyeres 2013 Based on Elimination Scoring

Hi sailors,

With ‘elimination scoring’ being the basis of the 2013 Europeans for the 49erFX fleet, there is natually interest in how it works and how large the effects are.  I have taken the liberty of recalculating the 49erFX fleet at Hyeres, 2013.  This fleet of only 20 boats is roughly very small, so the effect of elimination scoring is quite small.  Further, the major effect this will have on the results is mostly to do with the way Hyeres 2013 was done for the 49erFX.  What they did is they called the first 2 days ‘qualfiying’, even though all 20 boats made it through to the final.  Therefore, most of what this analysis does is just include the first 2 days into the results, and then also keep the results close enough that the final day is of consequence.  Even though this evaluation may show larger than normal effects of elimination scoring, it actually does exactly what it is supposed to, which is allow sailors to sail a lot of races over a number of days while still keeping the final close enough to be interesting.

Here is the official final standings, but showing the qualification races.


I took the final 4 races from the gold fleet and called them the ‘Semi Finals’.  It’s not quite the same as how the 49erFX europeans will be, but not that different either.

Here are the scores added, with a line drawn between 16th and 17th place after 11 races.


In this case, Kate MacGregor would move to the semi final while Ann would be relegated to the repechage.  Once the fleet has been separated, all of the races are rescored as if only the 16 remaining teams participated.  Ties are kept as ties, and nobodies race score can increase.

Here is a picture with the recalculated points.


The fleet of 16 boats then races their 4 semi final races.  The points are then tallied with no modifications and teams are  ranked 1-16.  The team from 8th moves to the final, the team in 9th is relegated to the petit final.


And then cut and recalculated


And finally, even though it’s a little bit off with 2 teams not being in the final, here is how it would have turned out.



Most of the effect of the elimination scoring was to equally weigh the ‘qualifying’ racing, which in this case was just normal racing, equally to the gold fleet.  There were some movements in the results of a few places here an there.