49er Mast Sections availability

Over the past 6 to 8 months availability of 49er Class masts from Southern Spars has been at a standstill due to delayed production issues at the point source in New Zealand and other internal matters.

The class has been working with Southern Spars for some time and are now in a position to advise you the members that production has again commenced although at a reduced rate.

A small batch of new masts are due for release within the next week with another to follow toward the end of July.

It is anticipated that we may see an increase in the supply chain in August to which the Class will keep you the members informed.

This whole matter has been completely out of the control of the Class, Mackay and Ovington Boats and has caused much frustration within.

Please be advised we are doing all we can to ensure manufacture and supply is back to normal as soon as possible but again we (Class) and our Builders in MacKay Boats and Ovington Boats have had our “hands tied”.

For your information.

Best Regards

Barry Johnson for and on behalf of the Int 49er Class Association Executive.

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