2023 April Update

2024 Worlds Dates Shift
We have changed the dates of the 2024 Worlds from what we originally published due to a sailing calendar conflict. The updated dates are now March 4-10, 2024, still in Lanzarote. The website is updated. We are working with the hosts to arrange a direct ferry from Lanzarote to Palma to help an easy transition for teams heading that way after the Worlds.
2024 FX EuroCup Circuit
We are working with the 29er Class and a group of European 29er Coaches to launch a 2024 FX Eurocup circuit to help in the transition from 29er and youth sailing to senior sailing. There will be no gender limits and the regattas will be aimed at teams transitioning into the big skiffs out of youth sailing. We’re hoping for up to six regattas from Spring through the Fall, so these transitioning teams can have a few more options to race and with a lower overall level than global elite.

Please pass this message to any younger sailors or coaches you know, and we’ll be announcing full details hopefully by July. If your club wishes to host an FX Eurocup regatta, please be in touch.

Likely Top Batten Pocket Spec Change
The 49er Executive has approved a request from North Sails on how they do the top batten on the mainsails. Currently, all the batten pockets are inserted between the films of the 3Di prior to ‘cooking’ and then the batten goes between the films. The Norths group has been working very hard on their manufacture consistency on all aspects of our sails since the Worlds in Nova Scotia, and has found it challenging to tightly repeat batten pocket locations. On the top batten, because it is on an angle, these location ranges result in large batten length variations, moreseo than the battens that run parallel from the luff to leach. This makes it challenging to supply battens and keep the sails consistent.

They proposed to the 49er Executive to sew on the top batten pocket after manufacture. This is how they did in the last version of the FX sails and how 99% of all battens are installed on all sails. They will use the same batten pocket material, just sew it on after instead of insert it between the seams before cooking.

The 49er executive has approved this spec change and we are awaiting World Sailing approval. We are not planning to adjust any limits on sail usage from this change.

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