Call for World Championship Venues 2017-2020

The 49er class is calling all world class sailing venues to bid for future 49er and 49erFX World Championships.  With a tight sailing calendar we have highlighted the dates that make sense and call request that any venues wishing to hold a future World Championship be in contact with the class and start preparing bid propositions.  Check out our list of Champions and previous venues.

The 49er class plans to run both 49er and 49erFX World Championships together at the same venue and time as each other.  Venues can expect roughly 150 teams of the best sailors on earth in addition to a fleet of coach boats 50 strong to attend any championship.  Live broadcasting, morning shows, and daily highlights have been features of recent major championships and we aim to continue growing that outreach to our fans.  If your Yacht Club, Town, Resort, Federation or Association feels like you have the ambition to host the 49er

Worlds Windows:


  • 2017 – Nov/Dec for Arabia and Oceania OR July – Sept for North America and Europe
  • 2019 – July through Sept NA, Europe, or Northern Hemisphere Asia
  • 2020 – Jan through March – Arabia, South Asia, or Oceania

Further, the 49er class association will consider other bids on their merits, but bidders should be familiar with the overall calendar guidance below from ISAF that is currently being formalized:

1.From ISAF: The calendar is structured around the following “Continental Windows”:

(a) Oceania: Mid-November to Mid-January

(b) S America, Caribbean: Mid-January to Mid-March:

(c) Europe: Mid-March to End-June

(d) Asia: Mid-Sept to Mid-November

(e) “Open window”: July to Mid-Sept

2. Note: It is recognised that currently northern North America and Africa do not have their own window.  Major events in northern America are typically held in the open window.  Africa is an emerging continent and spans both hemispheres, and ISAF does not want at this time to specify when it should hold events.  It is expected that Southern Africa would host events in the time of windows (a) and (b) above, and Mediterranean Africa between mid-March and mid-April.

To register interest in a 49er World Championship and request bidding documentation, please send an email to class manager Ben Remocker, 9erinc (at)  Bids for 2017 will be reviewed at our Worlds in November 2015 for a decision in at Worlds 2016 in February.


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